MasterStake Cryptocurrency for Passive Income and Payment Systems

MasterStake is a cryptocurrency created for passive income and which has on its roadmap the development of a platform for use as payment.

About MasterStake

Market Intent

MasterStake Cryptocurrency was created to offer a decentralized and secure solution for financial transactions, using blockchain technology. Its main objective is to provide users with the ability to carry out peer-to-peer transactions without the need for traditional intermediaries, while also offering staking features to incentivize participation in the network and reward token holders. MasterStake aims to provide an efficient and transparent alternative to conventional financial systems.

Coin Specs

• PoW Algorithm: Quark

• Premine: 8,800,000 MASTER Before Burn • PoW Blocks: 1 - 250

• PoS Blocks: Starting from 251

• Block Time: 60 Seconds

• Maturity: 15 Confirmations

• Prefix: MASTER Addresses start with the letter "m"

• Ports: 23990 (p2p) / 23980 (rpc)

Why MasterStake Is So Important

In the case of rapid changes in the market, we often miscalculate, which can cause us to lose money. That's why a single indicator generally cannot accurately measure market changes, which is why MasterStake is in several aggregators, making it easier to check.

Road Map

We focus on the research of cryptocurrencies, and we are committed to promoting the healthy development of cryptocurrencies.

Advisory Team

DevCoin Core

Founder & CEO


Admin & Gamer

Charles NDFC

Partner NDFC


Partner Lunarium


Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu 22.04

Windows 64 Bits

Mac OS

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Comming Soon